So here we are at day 1 of my blog and what a miserable, dark and wet day it is. I had to venture out as it was time for an overdue flu jab but at least I could have it at the convenience of my local pharmacy.  Quick look around the shops and then home to some catchup tv.

I’m a celebrity get me out of here is so funny I love it but then it has those canny two lads I’ve been watching since SMTV live hosting it. My favourites at the moment are the posh Lady C, Jorge, Chris Euback and George. It’s nice to see that at last we don’t have a compete scary cat in there. I think new arrival Ferne is going to be pretty good too. Of course there is the obligatory shower scenes for the lads to look at and Jorge has taken her first shower already of course.

Tonight I’m off for a bit of wine tasting at Majestic wines all completely free.


Welcome to me

So here I am blogging and I guess you need to know me.  I’m Tracey a 47 yr old from Hampshire in the UK. I live with my partner Gary in our lovely little bungalow.  I’m currently temping while I find full time work having been made redundant twice in just over a year. No children as I’ve never wanted any and no pets yet!

Life to me is for living to the full and that is what I try and do.